History of the firm

Attorney Frank Bruno, who moved to Denver from Pennsylvania, established the firm in 1937. Frank began his law career with the Colorado Attorney General, where he practiced with Byron Rogers, the future congressman. Frank and Byron left the Attorney General together to start their own practice, and Byron went on to run for congress while Frank continued to practice law. Frank's two sons, Lou and Dave, completed their legal educations and joined their father in the new firm Bruno, Bruno and Bruno.

The Bruno firm enjoyed a strong reputation and was well known to law enforcement officers. In 1973, the Police Protective Association asked Frank Bruno to be their designated attorney. In 1978, the Denver firm became legal counsel for the Denver Police Protective Association, protecting the legal rights of the DPPA's members. The firm also began responding to officer-involved critical incidents, and now provides attorneys to respond to critical incidents across the state of Colorado, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The firm also established legal defense fund contracts with different law enforcement agencies, and assisted the organizations in planning for legal expenses and sustaining and protecting their legal defense funds.

Following their father's death, Lou and Dave continued the law practice. Marc Colin joined the firm in 1979, after working in the Aurora City Attorney's Office. The firm was thereafter known as Bruno, Bruno and Colin. BBC was instrumental in helping Scott Goff, a Fort Collins police officer, establish the Fraternal Order of Police in Colorado. The FOP now provides attorney services through legal defense funds to more than 50 affiliated lodges throughout the state of Colorado.

While Bruno, Colin and Lowe is considered as the "go to" firm by law enforcement officers across Colorado and Wyoming, the firm has expanded its practice to include litigation and trial of business disputes, employment cases, and personal injury actions, in addition to providing estate planning services.

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